Romance Aids Are Fun

Choosing the Perfect Adult sex novelties is Fun.
When you first look at sex toys, the chances are that, your wish list is longer than your budget. Most people will have sex toys for use when masturbating, and other to share with a partner. Other people do not agree with the maxim share and share alike. Another factor to take into account is how and where you want to use them.

There are appropriate and wildly daft places to use sex toys, such as a metal cock ring in an airport! Most people whether as part of a couple or an individual find that sex toys enhance your pleasure more when you are relaxed. Nothing is more relaxing than a hot scented bath! To this end, some sex toys are waterproof.

Modern dildos can have a vibrating tip, and a curved head. These make them effective toys for both men and women as the curved head are perfect for ding the prostate or the G spot. Obviously, the waterproof dildos are not electric; they work by twisting the base. Surprisingly the modern ones are virtually silent and a soft jelly material makes it very flexible both in the level and angle of penetration and most have a multi level of speed. For women the rabbit sex toys are also waterproof.

Sometimes women find lubrication a problem and they should always use a water-based lubricant such as Johnston and Johnston’s KY jelly. Petroleum products can cause a vaginal infection in some women. They water soluble formula washes away with easily and it can be used with any sex toy. Some modern formulas are designed by women for women, always a plus as sometimes those designed by men come with a built in design fault, which is not necessarily the type of come you have in mind when choosing a sex toy.

Some women are greedy and love the clitoral stimulation in conjunction with a slanted G tip. Help your partner discover your erotic zones, or use it by yourself. A sensual pearl encrusted G-string will tickle your clitoris as you move. For the men with a sweet tooth try a candy G-string or a candy bra, or both. Sex toys these days do not have to last forever! Chocolate flavored massage oil has to be a hit with everyone; in fact, it tastes so good you may forget the object was oral sex!

Romantic fantasies can be the greatest turn on of all especially for women use scented silk rose petals, or a rose scented bubble bath, edible gourmet massage oils. Use your imagination further soft bondage toys can be fun. Handcuffs can be soft they do not have to be made fur use by the police department. If you cannot, afford to set the scene with expensive sex toys, stimulate your partner’s erogenous zones (or your own) with a soft feather. Not only will it extend your sexual pleasure for hours, especially if you use it in conjunction with a cock ring, it will earn you more than brownie points.

Beginners bondage kits will have restraints, bondage sex does not have to include riding crops (unless you ant to of course). Part of the erotic fun of sex toys is the power of your imagination.

A Woman’s Perspectives on the Use of Male Condoms

Up until the last two or three decades, condoms have always been predominantly a masculine concern. Protecting the male person from unwanted pregnancies used to be the primary intention of putting on this device. But with the advent of feminism and female empowerment, condom usage is now viewed as the responsibility of both sexes and women have as much right and responsibility as any man to see to it that their partner puts on a condom for her protection.

With increased awareness on the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases and the prevalence of AIDS, the practice of safe sex is longer a matter of preference, but of necessity and survival. And because condoms offer relatively cheap, convenient, and highly effective method of prevention, it plays a large part in the maintenance of healthy reproductive and sexual lives.

With a lot of options and product lines out there, it is hard to understand why some men would still prefer to expose themselves to health risks rather than use condoms. Manufacturers have given a lot of thought and resources in meeting every possible demand of consumers out there, such as the production of thin condoms for those seeking to experience enhanced sensitivity like the Trojan Ultra Thin, Durex Extra Sensitive and the Trojan Elexa Ultra Sensitive varieties. The Trojan brand is also selling thicker condoms like the Trojan Enz condoms. Condoms are also available in different sizes and shapes, such as the Trojan Magnum, which is the most popular large sized condom in the market today. For those seeking value-added features, like textured surfaces, flavors, scents, and colors, there are enough condom varieties to satisfy them all. Trying on the Durex Intense Sensation, the Trojan Ultra Ribbed, and the Trojan Twisted Pleasure might bring on memorable moments that would be cherished for a long time.

And speaking of enhanced pleasure, the Durex condoms and Trojan brands also has available lubricants best suited for the condoms they manufacture respectively.

Because of the availability of other contraceptives designed for the female body, women have been more than willing to do their share in protecting themselves. It would just be so nice to share a relationship, if not a brief connection, with someone willing to take up his own share of responsibility. Condoms do not emasculate you in women’s eyes, and neither do these devices compromise or cramp whatever style you might want to project.

When a man puts on a condom at his own initiative and without any prompting from his female sex partner, he sends across a message of responsibility and caution. This is good, especially if both of you are looking to build a healthy, loving relationship that would hopefully last for a long time. Needless to say, recklessness and headlong rush into sexual fulfillment without any thought on protection says much on the immature mentality of both participants.

Putting on a condom shows that you care. And even though it is not a guarantee of a man’s fidelity, it is concern enough to protect the physical well-being of your sex partners, as well as steering yourselves away from accidental pregnancies.

So is the use of condom selfish? Probably to some degree, since both partners consenting to use this protective device are looking out for their own protection. But it can also be a means of sharing. The use of condoms and other contraceptives lowers anxieties and reduces fears, making the sexual experience more fulfilling and pleasurable. In a woman’s point of view, the practice safe sex does not lower intimacy, it enhances it.

To Be or Not to Be: Is Homosexuality a Choice?

The question of whether homosexuality is a choice has been debated for many decades. Yet only a few hundred years ago societies had no such concept as “homosexuality,” even though it was still practiced.

I have known people from other countries who have told me that in their place of origin homosexuality was not conceived of as a noun. It has only been over time that erotic encounters with someone of the same sex has become socially constructed as a categorized form of behavior.

Regardless of whether it is a choice or not, allow me to dispel two myths about gays. The first is that they are all alike. To the contrary, they are as diverse as any population in personality, lifestyle, values, religion, intelligence, interests, character, and so forth. In careers they run the gamut covering as wide a spectrum as heterosexual persons.

Gays can be found amongst such careers as medicine, real estate, psychology, Psychiatry, hairdressing, entertainment, social work, teaching, crime, science, law, politics, and sports. The second myth is that they come to earth from a distant planet, metaphorically speaking, and have infiltrated the heterosexual world. To the contrary, gays are born amongst us. They are our daughters and sons, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, even our grandmothers and grandfathers. They are our friends and colleagues with whom we associate daily.

Many who regard homosexuality as a choice have arrived at such a conclusion by merely making a gratuitous assumption, bereft of empirical data or logically compelling argument. Some turn to the authority of scripture to buttress their position, yet the Bible says little about the subject and that is open to interpretation.

The Bible itself is rife with contradictions and inconsistencies, and not always constitutive of what the just person would regard as moral today. Many different people over a long period of time have written the Bible. As with any form of literature it is a reflection of not only the author, but the culture of the times during which it was written. From an historical perspective, religion itself has not always brought to bear beneficial influences and has all too often been responsible for bloodshed.

Those who believe that homosexuality is a choice must confront the question of why anyone would choose to be gay in the face of the sharp disapprobation and social stigma that they encounter.

Gays exist worldwide and in some countries, when known to be so, they are subject to the punishment of imprisonment or death. Gays in the United States have been subject to our countries own draconian laws, recent progress notwithstanding. Further, gays who “come out” risk rejection by and alienation from their family and friends, as well as the possibility of losing their jobs and ruining their careers. Why, indeed, would anyone choose to deal with all of this if they were not making a moral choice to live with authenticity in the way that nature has endowed them? It is here that the word “choice” is applicable.

If gay people are born naturally heterosexual, but have chosen to live in opposition to this sexual orientation, it poses the dilemma that one can freely override one of the most basic of all biological instincts. Further, believing that gays can make such a choice if born heterosexual, then it follows that all current heterosexuals can choose to abandon that orientation and elect to be gay if they wish. This premise flows inescapably from the assertion that gays choose that way of being-in-the-world.

Do heterosexuals actually experience their own self that way? The fact is that advances in neuroscience increasingly reveals biological differences between the makeup of the brain of those who are attracted primarily to the opposite sex and those who experience a predominantly same-sex orientation.

Extending beyond the sphere of humans, a description of a book by Bruce Bagemihl, a research biologist, states, “Homosexuality in its myriad forms has been scientifically documented in more than 450 species of mammals, birds reptiles, insects, and other animals worldwide…. Sexual and gender expression in the animal world displays exuberant variety, including same-sex courtship, pair-bonding, sex, and co-parenting—even instances of lifelong homosexual bonding in species that do not have lifelong heterosexual bonding” (Biological Exuberance, 1999, N.Y., St. Martin’s Press).

Are these species sinful? Are they simply social contrarians? Have they made a free choice to be the way they are, or might they not be biologically determined to behave as they do?

Many homosexuals report that they have known of their sexual proclivities from as far back as they can remember. They report discovering themselves to be that way without making any “choices.” Others have struggled in anguish to overcome such tendencies to avoid social stigma or to combat sexual strivings that run counter to their religious beliefs, only to succumb in the end, allowing their true nature to take its course, or sometimes living a life of sexual deprivation in desperation, combined with deceit and deception of self and others.

Some even marry in the hope of reversing their most deeply felt same-sex strivings, while they and their unfortunate wives sadly let the years slip by sensing that something vital is missing. This is illustrated with sorrowful splendor in the film, “Brokeback Mountain.” Other homosexuals have spent endless years and large amounts of money in psychoanalysis or psychotherapy to become heterosexual, only to end in dismal failure. Why would these gays endure such torturous experiences if they were freely choosing to be homosexual?

In conclusion, the argument seems to be that if a biological predisposition can be established, then gays are not to blame for the way they were born and live. However, it shouldn’t matter. As others have said before me, it is not the business of the government or society to regulate the sexual activities of two consenting adults, whether biologically determined or freely chosen.